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Yoshi Zero Movie

Yoshi Zero
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Plot Yoshi Zero is a unique movie about a unique girl. Being so unique the movie is directed by a unique director Noboru Iguchi and is released after the Japanese DVD release MUTANT GIRL SQUAD. Iguchi got and he got perfect idea and a very well suited character for his movie. The movie is about a special girl or rather say a mutant girl with tentacles on her body. She is simply different from all others; some admire her tentacles while some hate them. Titled Yoshie Zero it focuses on Suzuka Morita\'s character from the feature. Are there any mutants in reality or is it just fantasy? The movie reveals the answer to these questions and shows life of a mutant is far more different than a commoner. Category Action Movies  Release Date Running Time 2010-08-08 122 Min Hits 1440086
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