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Victoria Movie

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Plot A dramatizing of Knut Hamsun\'s famous novel from 1898, Victoria, which is about the tragic and unhappy love affair between Victoria og Johannes. She\'s a daughter of a rich estate owner, and he is the son of the poor miller. Despite the deep love between them, her father makes Victoria ditch Johannes, and instead attend to the chamber-mans son Otto. Johannes wants to become a maker of matchsticks. He\'s also a writer, and very fond of the nature, but he can never get the girl he loves above all, the wealthy born Victoria. They meet for the first time at age 14, when she is 10. We follow them for years, where we see Johannes makes every possible attempt to impress her, and to climb in social rank, at which he doesn\'t succeed. They meet up several times, declaring their love for each other, but Victoria is obliged to merry far richer Otto to ensure their parents needed future prosperity. In the end Victoria dies of tuberculosis, and leaves behind a letter explaining why she had to leave Johannes for Otto. Category Drama Movies , Romance Movies  Release Date Running Time 2013-03-01 100 Min Hits 2855021
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