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The Dictator Movie

The Dictator
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Plot The Dictator is a comedy movie that revolves around a dictator who is strictly against democracy and puts his life to risk to oppose the incoming of democracy in his country. Admiral General Aladeen, is the ruthless and self-centered dictator of the oil-rich African state of Wadiya. He leads a happy life of inane luxury and whimsical terror. Aladeen is invited by UN to know the truth of his favorite international provocation of development of a nuclear weapon. However, as soon as he reaches New York City,his own second-in-commander Tamir kidnaps him, tortures him and leave to die. After that Tamir announces Wadiya is to become a democratic country. However Aladeen disguise himself having his beard cut off and works in a store while attempting to return himself to power in Wadiya. The Dictator is a satire on the real world and racist thoughts and stereotypes common people have. Category Comedy Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-11 105 Min Hits 2730390
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