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Tabu Movie

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Plot Tabu consists of black and white photography, which will make you feel near to reality. The movie is shot in two parts- first- ???A Lost Paradise??? which is an introduction to the second half- ???Paradise???. The story begins with Lisbon, a warm-hearted Catholic and social activist taking care of her elderly ailing neighbour Aurora who is also short of money because of her habit of gambling. Aurora takes a word from Pilar to find her lover. In the wake of her death, Pilar discovers love letters that reveals the dark secrets of Aurora???s life and movie shifts to the second part. Pilar successfully finds a white-haired old gent of Italian origin called Ventura, Aurora???s lover. Ventura tells the story of Aurora???s past. Aurora was a resident of Mozambique and they both fell in love in spite of the fact that Aurora was married and was pregnant. It is a story of forbidden romance that drags them in awful situations. Category Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-04-05 110 Min Hits 3987883
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