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Snowtown Movie

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Cast & Crew Director Justin KurzelJustin Kurzel  Star Cast Daniel HenshallDaniel Henshall Lucas PittawayLucas Pittaway 
Plot A man when returned from the hospital after recovering from an accident to a small and lonely house he found himself haunted by some evil spirit. After spending uncomfortable night in the house he experienced strange things happening around him, a door opening by itself, lights turning on by midnight and all of sudden his friends gone missing. The movie is about a serial killer John Bunting. Jamie is sick of living in the northern suburbs, a dwelling place for bad activities, so he decides to leave the place with his family. He joins john, who promise to help him. John becomes the part and parcel of their family and Jamie acquires the habits of John. Category Thriller Movies  Release Date Running Time 2011-05-19 88 Min Hits 1392652
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