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Skytten Movie

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Plot In the thriller \\\'Sagittarius\\\' Denmark has just received new government, which won election to have a green profile.But the government does an about-face and is now entering to support a controversial agreement with the U.S. on climate-impact oil wells in the vulnerable northeast Greenland.The journalist Mia Moesgaard (Trine Dyrholm) is on the trail of this political scandal involving the Foreign Minister (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) impending agreement with the U.S. government.She is approached by geophysicist and former Olympic marksman, Rasmus (Bodnia), which plays a critical knowledge of the case.In 1977 the debate for and against nuclear power, which was the center of the action in the Danish film \\\'Sagittarius\\\', and in this new remake of the film\\\'s environment is also an important issue. Category Thriller Movies  Release Date Running Time 2013-02-28 89 Min Hits 1395898
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