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Ostwind Movie

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Plot The dream of summer camp! The fourteen-year-old Mika (Hanna Hoeppner) has not reached the target class and is now condemned by her parents (Nina Kronj?ger and J?rgen Vogel) to get at the stud their strict grandmother (Cornelia Froboess) for the summer. But apart from the stable lads Sam (Marvin left), which can not out of sight, Mika discovers something else that catches their interest on the farm: the wild and shy stallion east wind. Not even capable jumper Michelle (Marla Menn) or grandmother can tame the beast. Mika decides to try her luck and sneaks into the night in east wind stall. Thus, an unlikely friendship develops, during which Mika discovers that she is able to talk to horses. Whether she succeeds with this gift to tame east wind? Category Family Movies  Release Date Running Time 2013-03-21 95 Min Hits 2172321
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