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My Way Movie

My Way
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Plot The movie has been inspired from the true story. Jun Shik is a worker in the farm of the grandfather of Tatsuo Hasegawa at the time when Korea was colonized fully by Japan, but he has the dream to participate in the Olympics that held in Tokyo for the marathon. But Tatsuo shares the same dream as that of the Jun Shik and thus they both were rival to each other. But they both were put into army as the war breaks out. Tatsua was the head of the defense in Jun Shiks unit and he then made plan but that plan fails and the both were captured by the soviet forces. They soon run away from there but both were again captured by Germans and then they have to separate from each other. Then in 1944, they met each other in the shores of Normandy. Category Drama Movies , War Movies  Release Date Running Time 2011-12-31 98 Min Hits 739292
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