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Mask the Kekkou Reborn (Kekko kamen Shinsei Reborn) Movie

Mask the Kekkou Reborn (Kekko kamen Shinsei Reborn)
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Plot Underneath, its an institution of terror where its principal, Satans Toenails, has his teachers exact all kinds of punishment of his design to their students with bad grades. But he begins to lose his ground when Kekko-kamen begins to appear with lightning speed to punish the teachers with students at their mercy. In no time Kekko-kamen, only in his red mask, red boots, and red gloves, becomes the hero of all the students. Mayumi Takahashi of the newspaper club passionately writes articles on him as a crazed fan of his after she is liberated by him. In desperation, Satan seeks to find out who Kekko-kamen is, offering money for useful information. He soon summons new punisher-teachers; Yuichi Shibaki, a fanatic for a healthy diet out of belief it produces great brains; and Juro Yowai, an old man with great detective skills. The two prepare their deeds upon Satans orders. Category Action Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-08-24 63 Min Hits 2658187
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