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Loufa kai parallagi Seirines sti steria Movie

Loufa kai parallagi Seirines sti steria
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Plot Seven years after the incident in Pitta, all from the group leaves the Aegean, and gets to shore... Stavrakomathiakakis - after the mysterious kidnap of his 12 years old Pakistanian prot?g? Noori - leaves Psiloritis and, following her tracks, invades - in the middle of crisis - the capital. There, Parlavatzas and his chef, Papadakis, fight to salvage his Eastern fast food Sevdali restaurant. In the meantime hacker and Roben Of The Shelves, Nakos, tries to wake up his fellow citizens to revolt, while newly elected city council Kalouris fights to upgrade the aesthetic of the city. Finally famous guru Tzimpitzidis tries to get higher his followers Self-esteem, part of which his ex and now vice secretary Marialena is. Category Comedy Movies  Release Date Running Time 2011-10-27 125 Min Hits 5839748
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