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Les fraises des bois Movie

Les fraises des bois
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Plot Les fraises des bois depicts the revolt that lurks beneath a deceptive tranquility. Violet and Gabriel are two young people who suffer the violence of the day. For Violet, danger lurks within his own family. Gabriel himself is a victim of discrete economic horror. Crosses uncertain chance meetings, they go with the seasons trying to break free of what hinders: their journey will be unpredictable and radical solutions. But do these lost children are perhaps not as much as one might imagine. Horror and grace co-exist in this film that can???t be categorized and has no moral judgment, like a modern fairy tale that is hard at times and sensitive and poetic at others, carefully put together by a small crew on a modest budget. An ingenious feature film that reminds us that it is possible to create a quality work with few resources. Category Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2011-12-31 99 Min Hits 696478
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