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Horses Movie

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Cast & Crew Director Liz MerminLiz Mermin  Star Cast James NolanJames Nolan Paul NolanPaul Nolan Tommy WoodsTommy Woods 
Plot Documentaries are the movies loved by people as they convey direct message and impress people spiritually. ???Horses??? is a remarkable documentary about the Ireland???s horse-race culture. This horse-race has not been only hobby entertaining people but also has produced finest athletes in the world. The movie focuses on the life of three of them over the course of difficult period. It is not about the jockeys or trainers but the three fascinating racehorses. They are framed by a charismatic collection of human supporting actors, from their good-looking foul-mouthed trainer to an elderly groom who obviously prefers horses to people, but ultimately horses command our attention on their own. The movie very successfully light up the animals??? expressive yet mysterious personalities and make the horse a stars in the world of race. Category Documentary Movies  Release Date Running Time 2010-12-31 85 Min Hits 660050
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