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FULL MOVIE Hoofmeisie

Hoofmeisie Movie

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Plot Hoofmeisie is very entertaining family comedy movie consisting the stories of three primary school girls and their mothers have the same desires as of their daughters to be the head-girl of Laerskool Stumbo Pops. The lead of the movie is Nadia van Heerden who is 12 years old and is a very adorable orphan living with her grandmother and has the same dream too. She gets success in it when she gets the award for the best public speaker but fails at netball try-outs, entrepreneurs??? day and academics, these were just the beginning of her problems. Her best friend Melissa has betrayed her and she is convinced with it. Now she will become a self centered mean girl who will do anything in order to be the Hoofmeisie. After leaving all her good qualities she learned that how it is to be a good leader. Category Family Movies  Release Date Running Time 2011-12-23 95 Min Hits 3847918
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