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East End Angels (Asfaltenglene) Movie

East End Angels (Asfaltenglene)
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Plot Asfaltenglene is a family movie. The movie was produced in Norway and literally is in Norwegian language. The English version of the movie is called East End Angels. The movie revolves round a group of three who are 12 ??? years ??? old. The group consists of Maja, Rikke and Ohna. This summer they are having extreme plans and have decided not to even lift a finger this summer but before they could work on their dream it is dpoiled as police finds drug from their restaurants and all of the three are in jail .Although their girls know that they are not guilty and is not their fault but they have to saty in the prison until and unless the real drug gang is not captured. This is the case of East End Angels. Category Family Movies  Release Date Running Time 2010-12-31 99 Min Hits 3143328
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