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Down for Life Movie

Down for Life
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Plot Alan Jacob directs ???Down for Life??? one of the best drama. The film throws light on the gritty reality of gang life and the circumstances and tensions surrounding it. The film spans one day in the life of Rascal played by (Jessica Romero), a 15-year old Latina gang leader in Watts who inherited their turf from older girls from the neighborhood. Rascal\'s gang often fights with a rival band of African-American teens. She is in 9th grade in Locke High School in Los Angles the low performing and bad reputed school of the city. Her English teacher (Danny Glover) encourages her to apply for a writing program in Iowa, and escape the life of crime. She is very much aware that escaping the gang is very dangerous than staying. Category Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2010-10-08 125 Min Hits 3154297
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