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Das Haus Anubis Pfad der 7 Sunden Movie

Das Haus Anubis Pfad der 7 Sunden
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Plot This fantasy movie takes you on the adventurous journey in the fantastic medieval world. The movie is based on the children???s serial with the same title on the Nickelodeon channel. Daniel buys two beautiful golden rings from an antique shop for his girlfriend Nina and for himself. He is not aware of the fact that the rings had magical powers. He just purchased them to show his love to his beloved. As soon as they put on the rings both find themselves into a magical world that is fantastic medieval world. In the meantime a mysterious knight kidnaps Nina. Daniel teams up with his boarding school friends to rescue his beloved. They chase the knight through the magical entrance. They set off on a dangerous path of 7 sins. On their way they will have to face dangers and solve 7 challenging puzzles that will make them the way to reach Nina and save her from the clutches of the knight. Category Family Movies , Fantasy Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-04-19 82 Min Hits 3416510
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