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D4 Movie

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Plot D4 is a fantastic action movie that is filled with Sci ??? Fi and lots of thriller. Every conspiracy theory needs a place to grow. This movie revolves around a team of specially equipped and skilled cops mercenaries who are out on a very special and simple mission of rescuing a boy kidnapped and preserved in a government facility. The mother of the kidnapped boy is a influential personality and very rich also. She hires the team for the task which seams very simple but as the level unfolds so do the danger and the story. The fight of rescue changes in to the fight for survival. Thus easy job becomes a challenge and comes forward to taste the death of the valiant. Category Action Movies , Sci Fiction Movies , Thriller Movies  Release Date Running Time 2010-12-31 89 Min Hits 2014270
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syed how it will be start 2012-01-04
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