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Brave Movie

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Plot How a little girl competes with the heroes of his country? ???Brave??? is focused on this topic. This is the story of a girl, Merida, who is daughter of a king and lives in a very huge palace. She is different from other princess, because she does not like to live a luxury life and doesn???t want to order someone for her work. She is of modern fantasy, who believes in herself. Her nation is the place of several battle heroes, but she is against them. Merida\'s this behavior accidentally leads to the disorder and rage in the kingdom, but she says that she doesn???t care about the disorder. Very soon the situation becomes very critical in the kingdom, and then she takes the responsibility to do things normal in the empire as it was before. Will she be able to do things normal? Category Action Movies , Adventure Movies , Animation Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-06-22 99 Min Hits 2138115
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