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Brahmi Gadi Katha Movie

Brahmi Gadi Katha
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Plot While traveling from Vijayawada to Hyderabad, Shiva (Varun Sandesh) saves a girl Maya, also travelling in the same train, from some people who are after her life. Shiva doesnt know any particulars of Maya, but helps her out of pity. Shivas maternal uncle (Jayaprakash Reddy) is a movie buff and is very passionate about making a film. For this he hires a star director (Bramhanandam). Bramhanandam starts narrating the story, scene by scene, on which the film is to be made. Strangely, the story matches word to word, as if a running commentary, with the ongoing story of Shiva and Maya. Who is Maya and why people are after her life, what is the mystery behind her, will Shiva and Jayaparakash Reddys daughter Bhagya (Poonam Kaur) get married.... are the questions that get unfolded as the film progresses. Category Telugu Movies  Release Date Running Time 2011-12-07 132 Min Hits 1073957
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