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Black Guy on a Rampage Homicidal Vengeance Movie

Black Guy on a Rampage Homicidal Vengeance
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Plot A revenge of a Black guy to destroy fully the killers of his son. A black guy is on his way to pay from those who killed his son and will not stop at nothing. He will not stop until he comes to see that his vengeance is served in front of his eyes by himself. Frank McMurphy was the king of the vast crime empire in the whole city, he thought that no one in the world can ever touch him. But this thought of him was just a mare thinking. A black guy on his way to rampage on a quest to make those guys pay for the life of his son. And will not stop until he kills each one of them who was involved in it. Category Action Movies  Release Date Running Time 2011-12-31 87 Min Hits 648371
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