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Bad Family (Paha perhe) Movie

Bad Family (Paha perhe)
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Plot Paha Perhe is Finnish movie and is in the very same language i.e. Finnish. The movie was produced in Finland and is a drama. The movie revolves around the family of a Public Prosecutor Mikael Lindgren. The movie is on a brother sister relationship which soon turns into a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. The movie revolves around a brother named Dani and a sister named Tilda who meet after a very long span of 16 years. The affection of a brother for his sister turns in love. The movie shows that despite of the highest and every possible measure taken by the father of both cannot come in between their path of love. The movie is also known as Bad Family. Category Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2010-12-31 89 Min Hits 3780156
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