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Am Muu Giay Got Nhon Movie

Am Muu Giay Got Nhon
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Cast & Crew Director Ham Tran  Star Cast Kathy UyenKathy Uyen Truc Diem Phuong Mai 
Plot A neurotic junior fashion designer from New York discovers her fianc?, KIET, working overseas in Vietnam may be having an affair with a supermodel. With jealousy burning and her wedding date on the horizon, she conjures up a scheme to achieve the ultimate makeover, investigate the supermodels and infiltrate the high-fashion world of Saigon in order to catch him in the act. But her plan backfires when she really befriends the three supermodels and discovers that there is more to life than living through a series of checklists. Category Comedy Movies  Release Date Running Time 2013-10-11 102 Min Hits 2518336
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